Mortar and Pestle Set

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    This is a high quality, 8 oz glass mortar and pestle set. Useful in assisting the process of wetting pigments in mediums and vehicles. The smooth glass is easy to clean and helpful in providing a mulling action.

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Product Details

The goal in mixing dry pigment powders into liquids is to wet not only each particle, but the whole surface of each particle to prevent micro-clumping of pigments due to insufficient mixing.

Place a quantity of pigment into the mortar bowl and add liquid slowly, stirring after each addition to form a smooth color syrup. Do not add too much liquid at once. The pigments have already been ground to an appropriate particle size. The action with the pestle should not be one of crushing, but instead should be one of rolling the pigment particles in the liquid between the two rounded glass surfaces. This is a mulling action rather than a crushing action. Mulling should continue until smooth.

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