Gum Arabic

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  • From the species of Acacia senegal
  • Dissolve in hot water then strain for use as a medium in watercolor and gouache
  • 1 part gum to 2 parts water
  • Made in India
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Product Details

Gum Arabic Preparation

If measuring by weight:

  • 100 grams (3.5 oz) Gum Arabic
  • 333g (11.75oz) boiled, distilled water
  • 130g Glycerin (optional)1

If measuring by volume:

  • 2 parts Gum Arabic
  • 4 parts boiled, distilled water
  • 1 part Glycerin (optional)1

Boil water and pour over the powdered gum, stirring to make sure there are no lumps. Add the Glycerin if desired, stirring well.1

It is advisable to strain this mixture through cheesecloth when pouring it into your storage jar, then putting on the lid. Allow the mixture to soak 24-48 hours for full absorption.

Prepared Gum Arabic Solution must be stored in the refrigerator to deter mold growth. It may be advisable to make small batches so the solution will be fresh rather than storing larger quantities for an extended period of time. If desired, you can add drops of natural preservative such as Clove Oil to extend shelf life.

When mixing with our pigments to create pan watercolors, a glass muller set may be necessary to fully mull the pigment into a Gum Arabic watercolor solution. With this medium, pigments will have more of a tendency to flocculate so it is important to do a draw down test after mulling.

1. Glycerin is added to increase flexibility of the dried solution. It is not a necessary component to prepare Gum Arabic.

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