How Our Dry Pigments Can Be Used

How Our Dry Pigments Can Be Used

16th May 2023

With over 70 beautiful pigment colors to choose from, your eye may begin to choose colors before you even know all the ways they can be used! Arts and crafts, home dec as well as architectural products can use our natural and man made pigments. In the presence of all this eye candy, here are some of the ways you can use our pigments:

Artist Paints

The most familiar use of our dry pigments is in fine art paint. These non-toxic colors are suitable for any medium an artist chooses such as linseed or walnut oil, acrylics, watercolor and gouache or egg tempera. They are also popular for encaustics and most colors are suitable for fresco. Mixing pigments for small quantities of paint can often be done directly on the palette as you paint.

Craft and Hobby Work

You’d be amazed at all the places you’ll find our pigments used. From railroad miniatures to traditional Indigenous Arts, our dry pigment powders can be used in lots of places where you want natural, beautiful colors. And our mica powders can give a metallic look to any clear medium as well. You’re not confined to just making paint. Pigment powder can be used dry in a technique referred to as flash gilding. In this method, a tacky binder is applied first, with the pigment sprinkled on top and then sealed with a clear sealer. Woodworkers often use pigments in waxes and stains. Epoxies can be tinted and cements integrally colored. Tint polymer clay or other sculpting mediums. Most any binder, medium or sealer can be used with dry pigment powders.

Architectural and Decorative Coatings

Our pigments can be used in both natural and ready made finishes to surround your living and work space. Furniture, walls and objects can be decorated with pigments to add color and reflect your unique vision. Our How To Section here at The Earth Pigments Company can be helpful to find recipes and ideas.

We have such lovely, natural pigment colors for you to choose from. Open up to a new world of non toxic pigment color here at The Earth Pigments Company. Contact us - we’re here to help!

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