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About Earth Pigments

Our Natural Earth and Ocher, and French Mineral pigments make up the foundation of our pigment selection. These colors come from the Société des Ocres de France, owners of the last remaining Ocher quarry near Apt, in the Provence region of France.

Founded in 1901, “La Société des Ocres de France” is now the only remaining European company operating the Ocher deposits in the quarries of Gargas and Rustrel nestled in a 12 mile long enclave, in the heart of the Luberon Mountains, the Provencal Ocher country. It’s the only quarry supplying all European distributors and retailers, as well as an international clientele, with natural pigments.

All our pigments are environmentally safe and non-toxic and are used in fine art, crafting, home decorating and various architectural uses.

Our Natural Earth and Ocher pigments are rich colors including Ochers, Siennas, Umbers and natural oxides with a depth of color unmatched by synthetic mass-produced pigments.

French Mineral Pigments are a beautiful palette that reflects the colors of the French Countryside. Over 90% natural, these pigments will create vibrant color with a natural softness.

Colonial Natural colors come from North America, deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, where several veins of color can be found. Just like our Natural Earths and Ochers, our Colonial Natural pigments are all natural with no manmade ingredients. Lime stable, they are compatible with all mediums and permanent to UV.

Our Oxide category contains inorganic manufactured pigments. They are not found in the earth as natural soils, but are created using natural components such as iron or clay that are manipulated, usually by heating. The resulting shades are bright, UV resistant and have powerful tinting strength.

Mayan pigments are remarkable, rich colors possessing excellent tinting strength, chemical resistance (including lime) and have excellent light stability. Made in the USA, eco-friendly both in manufacture and use, they offer bold colors with wonderful possibilities from art to architecture.